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My paintings are an abstracted, interpretive response to the built environment through which I travel. They are a personal evaluation of my daily surroundings, addressing the simple experience of the transitory moments I live. My colours are chosen intuitively - often lifted and re-contextualised as I discover them within daily life, and my distinct geometric compositions are informed by anything I encounter, from buildings and road signs to commercial packaging. I strive to capture the impressions and memories of existing in these everyday spaces. Developed from my understanding and experience of the urban landscape, my paintings combine a multitude of fragments of visual and emotional data and I distil them into controlled, sensitive objects. My work offers an example of process driven practice in which I encourage the viewer to explore the nuance of colour, tone and texture from one painting to the next and the way we read a painting’s visual weight, atmosphere or temperature, to indulge for a moment the simple pleasure of looking.

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